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  1. Caption transition faster than background images. therefore its not loading relevant caption to relevant image.
  2. Thank you for the help. :)
  3. i want to remove date from the aeticle header.. please help
  4. When try to load "BT Image gallery" to BT Tabs module i got this warning message. help me to fix it. Warning: array_merge() [function.array-merge]: Argument #1 is not an array in C:\wamp\www\kwa_demo\modules\mod_btimagegallery\sync.php on line 288 No images availabe
  5. Just now i bought the BT Tabs module, Now can you help me to customize it as i explained in obove #7055 post? Thanks i need to customize bt tabs to vertical tabs like in the attachment.
  6. Can anyone help me???
  7. Thank you very much for your help, another one thing i want to know, how do i set tab titles in "top to bottom" direction, i need something like this..., if i can do this with BT tabs ext thats better. help me. [attachment=1150]verticaltabs.png[/attachment]
  8. By reducing the header and footer, i need to strech the right module position to full height like in the attachment.
  9. How do i reduce the width of the header and footer of template, see the attachment. pls help. [attachment=1145]template1.jpg[/attachment]
  10. Please can you show me a screenshot and i want to see the appearance of the tabs module when set Title position to Right. ? Pls..
  11. I need to buy BT Tabs module, before that can you show me a screenshot of the module, how it looks like if i set "Title Position" to left and right. Thanks
  12. I changed the thumbnail size of the bt_foto theme but it doesn't affect. plz help.
  13. Sorry, the website is in my localhost, so how do i send URL?