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  1. I am having the same issue. When my images are portrait and I am using the Media slideshow they are very tall and forces the user to have to scroll down to see the entire image. Isn't there a way to fix the images so that they are all the same height and don't ever get stretched?
  2. Sorry forgot to attach the image.
  3. Hi Tronghm, It's not the black hover effect that's the issue. After we move our mouse off of the thumbnail and the black overlay disappears a black line appears at the bottom of the thumbnail. I attached another screenshot with it circled in red. If this is what you are also seeing then if you have a solution to remove it that be great. Thanks so much.
  4. Thanks Tronghm that fix helped the column issue. For problem #2 do you mean you don't see what I'm talking about in the screenshot or the same issue is not happening on your end? Here is the link to the Logo design portfolio: I've tried on 3 different macs and they all had the issue described in problem #2. But on Windows it didn't happen so I'm not sure if you are using Windows or another operating system. Thanks.
  5. Hi Tronghm, I guess I spoke to soon. It did fix it but when I added the category module it broke again. It's showing two columns. See here: Also, on Firefox (latest version - 26) for some reason after I hover over the thumbnails a black line appears at the bottom of the image. It doesn't do this in Chrome or Safari though. See screenshot attached. You will see the black lines below the top 3 thumbnails. Please advise us on how to solve these two issues. Thanks again.
  6. Sorry I didn't reply sooner. I just got to this. Your solution above fixed it. Thank you so much again!
  7. Hi Tronghm, I recently installed the latest BT Portfolio on a site we are building but am getting the same problem above with the grid layout. I tried the fix you posted to the grid.php but it didn't fix it. See here: Please advise. Thanks so much, I apprecaite it.
  8. Okay thanks for the clarification :) Thanks again so much for the help and fixing that. We appreciate it! Have a great rest of the week.
  9. Thanks so much Tronghm. We greatly appreciate your help! I did a test and the video didn't play but when I switched the slideshow option for "Select default slideshow" to Media it worked. Will this have to be the case to play videos? Thanks again.
  10. Thanks tronghm, it's been sent.
  11. Hi Tronghm, Thanks for the response. Which folder should I check? I looked at the permissions for the bt component folder and it's set to 755. Let me know if I should check a different location. Thanks.
  12. Hi, On my site http://parrish-mccal...hp/our-projects I am using BT Portfolio. I tried adding a YouTube video to a project but got the message "This video not found". I tried a few different YouTube url's and none of them worked. The url's were exactly the same as in the example instructions. Would you please be able to take a look to see what the issue may be or if we are doing something wrong? Thanks so much.
  13. Hi Tronghm, I am just doing a friendly follow up to see if you got my message above about the image cropping? Please, let me know. It's urgent that we get it fixed soon. Thanks so much
  14. Thanks so much Tronghm! We greatly appreciate your help. There only seems to be one problem left. For the category grid the thumbnails aren't all be cropped to the same dimensions. All of the interior projects are being cropped correctly. Would you be able to look at that as well? Thank you so much again for all your time and help.
  15. Thanks so much Tronghm. I sent you the FTP info. We greatly appreciate all your help and how quick you are.