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  1. Hi, When attempting to edit a BT Simple Slideshow Module on the frontend of a Joomla 3.4.4 site there are permission issues when uploading new images. Everything works fine in the admin are so it's just for the front end module editing of BT Simple Slideshow Module that gives me problems. I have tried installing on a Joomla! 3.4.3 and 3.4.4. Any help would be greatly appreciated. AJ
  2. Hello, I was installing Jenus for a site I am building and in the admin area in the template section there is no options to edit see example: Is this all there is or was something not installed? I haved look at another multiple pages admin in T3 and they all have much more options, theme magic and mega menu et etc Let me know. Cheers Jim
  3. Hi There, I have 5 pictures loaded for a property and the thumbnails are not displaying. Can you assist? Here is the link Cheers Jim
  4. If you use firebug and look at the css you will see where you casn change the color Cheers Jim
  5. I have changed the background so you can see what I am talking about. I want the slide show to display on it's own and not wrapped in module style "Mod=box" however in the admin area in the slideshow module. there is no ability to for me to choose "Module Class Suffix" - Style-blank This would get ride of the mod=box style and have the slide show sitting on it's own and not wrapped up in a white background?? Let me know if this explains it. Cheers Jim
  6. The three tab titles are cut off in Firefox 16.0.2 This is the newest version of firefox I also uploaded the BT Slideshow Pro and it is also not working properly I think if there was an option like in most modules "Advanced Options" and we could select "Module Class Suffix" then we could discard the Yoo Theme style and the modules would sit properly? Seems like it would work? CHeers JIm
  7. Hello, I have tried the tabs in a few sites and it always only shows half of the tab - example Can you let me know what the problem is? I have messed about with the style sheet and can't get it fixed Cheers JIm
  8. I sent ChinHPV my user and pass for my site - the solution does not work for me as I am using a yootheme template. Anyone got a solution for yootheme templates? Cheers Jim
  9. Hello, I am using this excellent module in a site I have built and it works great until I try to logout - the drop down doesn't go deep enough to where I can click the logout option. In the advanced field, if I switch off "default css" then I can see the log out button but I like the look and feel of the default css. Can you assist - I have attached a screen shot Cheers Jim