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  1. it's ok i have now worked it out.
  2. That would mean this template is not fully customiszed for Professional photographers
  3. i have BT Photography and i want my customer to see their pictures but i do not want other customers to see i have registered their name, created a group but everyone can see everyones photos but i only want 1 customer to see his or her photo and no one else
  4. I am trying to have a section where individual clients can view only their images and no one elses how do i set up an individual client viewing section?
  5. Just tried that and got a server error trying to log into administrator. So that fix did not work
  6. i would like to know how to remove index.php from the address bar eg. so i want it to look like
  7. i reinstalled 2.5.4 however if you know the fix let me know and i will upgrade my platform and use the fix
  8. After i upgraded 2.5.4 to 2.5.6 i cannot get into any menus in my website i get an internal server error reading my website is then go to any menu and you will see the error
  9. This is the FIX for changing images for Background slideshow Goto administrator -> modules manager -> select module type BT Background Slideshow -> You can upload, edit images in the module parameters manager
  10. I have sent you an email of logins to help fix this
  11. What files/folder are the images in?
  12. No they are still your default images i cannot upload MY IMAGES
  13. Still does not work I even deleted default file in templates html mod_bt_backgroundslideshow there must be something else I have sent you an email to rectify
  14. When i load new images for the slideshow in the slideshow folder they do not show only your default images show. Also when i delete your slide show images the default images are still there. So your script must be writing somehere Where can i upload MY images