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  1. I have a similar problem. I have put BT content slider on my development server and everything seems to work. But when I have moved the website over to the production server (both machines are Ubuntu 12.04 updated to the latest daily patches), the position of the slider just remains empty (white space). The source code of the website indicates that the slider should be there, I just cannot see anything. From the backend it appears all normal. By the way, the same happened with the BT Slideshow module. I now have two white spots on my page where the two sliding modules are supposed to be.
  2. I am trying to install BT Arise template via Quickstart package. Running on Ubuntu 12.04 server which is updated with all the latest daily patches. The installation runs just fine, but after I have deleted the installation directory in the last step, I can only log into the backend (where everything seems fine). When I try to view the frontend however, there is nothing. A blank white page and that´s it. No error message, nothing. Just blank white page. Help would be appreciated.