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  1. Hi, Can somebody advise me on how may I change the entire font for the website as I am unable to do that by editing the css files.
  2. I have bought the previous version of the BT Gallery and want to know how can I upgrade to the new version. Thanks,
  3. Thanks for your help. The footer note has been fixed on the home page and "Our Work" page but it is showing on the wrong position on the other pages. It is showing exactly after the text and it should show on the bottom of the page. I would appreciate your help.
  4. Hi, I have created a custom footer note and added it to all pages. Now when I see the homepage in some web browsers (e.g. Safari and Chrome) I see the progress bar of the background slideshow is covering the footer. I wanted to adjust the page height so the progress bar shows above the footer. I have attached a picture of the homepage below
  5. Hi, I did that but still not working, is there any way I can enter the code manually to each page?
  6. Hi, I am having problem with the speed of the website. Although I am using a fast hosting but the loading time for the pages of my website is too long. Do I need to change any settings e.g. un assigning the extra templates or anything else? Many thanks,
  7. Hi, Can you please let me know how can I add the google analytics script to all of the pages of my website.
  8. Thank you. That was very helpful. Is there any recommended size and resolution for the photos to be used in the slideshow?
  9. Hi, Please let me know how to make sure that the aspect ratio of the photos on the homepage slideshow are maintained. I have tried enabling and disabling the crop image feature in the module manager but that did not help?!
  10. I have managed to change the footer note by creating a new html file and positioning it on the footer position, but I can not manage to remove the powered by T3 logo from the footer bar. Please advise
  11. can you please send the answer to the above questions to me as well as I have the same questions. Also please send me if you have any user guide for the bt photography template