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  1. I've just experience this error. The solution is : if (empty($array['extra_fields'])) { $array['extra_fields'] = ","; }
  2. need help please... another features are great, but this problem make me frustated.
  3. Hi tronghm, I have the same problem as Lydia and Ivan. This problem only happen when I submit property at frontend (Joomla 3.4). In file property.php there is no line : $images_path = $this->images_path . $pid . '/'; So I don't know where the code $pid = $this->getState($this->getName() . '.id'); will be placed. I just found the similar code like pics attached, what should I do?? Need help please.
  4. Hallo... I'm newbie in BT Property Component. So far I'm satisfied with its features. Thanks to BT Teams B) Now I have a problem about setting price. When I set the price of any property to (3 billions) and SAVE, it will be auto change to 2147483647. Every time I set a price of any property to more than 2147483647, it will always auto change to 2147483647. What should I do so I can set the price to more expensive than 2147483647 ?? Need help please. Thank you. (Samy)