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  1. I made a multi-language site; i added the english and romanian flags and i did what was written here in a thread regarding the diffrent themes for diffrent languages. I have 5 menus for 5 languages and all menus are asigned for position-7. I want the mainnav to change language asweel: instead of having all menus on position-7 to have them on of mainnav position. As far as i've read mainnav doesn't have a position and if i dont have one i cant change mainnav language. Can you tell me how i can change the language of mainnav ?
  2. i copied the default.php in joomla dir-->templates.... and still the same on hoem page it works but on other pages it wouldn't
  3. i am using BT arise i uploaded teh jquery as you said previously i copied the default.php like you posted on a diffrent thread I uploaded jquery-1.7.2.min.js and now it works fine.
  4. 1 more think it works but not 100% login works great but i noticed that the submenus don't show in homepage on hoover. Submenu-s appear obny after i click on a menu item . If i delete the jquery you gave me then teh menu works but the login doesn't.
  5. it works now. thank you
  6. the link is not working? try this login works on homepage and some latest articles show but its not working on articles that are not on the frontend(i click on the login/register aand nothing happens) i am using 2.4.4 version tried to reisntall teh module and same thing; after i login and navigate on an article ,in order to logout i need to go to homepage and the click on user and logout
  7. it works on the home page . but when i navigate away from homepage to any other page ,i click the icons and nothing happens. If i go home page again and it works. How can i make it work on all pages(bt login module is enabled on every page)
  8. there's a bug in your php if i select teh color blue for the template and i use login the background of the "Hi,User" is the default green [attachment=1245]bug.jpg[/attachment]