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  1. Hello, I'm having the same difficulty with the Media Gallery module. I used the solution given in the earlier reply and still the site will not come up. Disabling the module allows the site to load. Anything else I might try? Cheers.
  2. Done. Thanks.
  3. Right now, no... I did some experimenting yesterday and found out that with some different article categories, things work as they should on the front page; however, others don't. I can't figure out what the difference might be. I have another content slider on a second page and the article categories that don't work on the front page do on the second. I'm mystified...
  4. Here's the link:
  5. Hi, I recently installed content slider on a joomla 2.5 site and everything displays fine. However, when I click on any link in any of the slides, I'm taken back to the front page even though the breadcrumbs show the article title. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Cheers. Rich
  6. Hi. The url is The site is not operational yet. clicking on the register button will bring up the modal box. Thanks.
  7. No. But I think I may have found the issue. I believe I'm unable to use recaptcha on a site with a pathname rather than a .com, .net, etc. I'm working on a test site and when I went to the captcha web site, that's what I read. I'll wait until later to see if this is correct. Unless you have some other ideas.
  8. Hi, I recently downloaded the latest version of BT Login to use on a 2.5.9 site. I have enabled captcha in the plugins and also set it as the default in the site configuration. The modal box shows "captcha*" with no fields. I have the public and private keys in place from an earlier version of the site. Not sure what's happening. Thanks. Rich
  9. Sorryl I'm a little slow...forgot about the plugin. All fixed.
  10. Hi, I'm afraid I'm unable to get a captcha/recaptcha element in the registration pane (except for the label says captcha*); there is no field or captcha configuration to input. I've set the global configuration to use it and I also set in the user manager options. Any ideas? Thanks!
  11. Hi, I decided not to mess with the article approach and just assigned the module to a login menu item; worked perfectly.
  12. Hi, I'm having the same trouble and can't find the css file you've alluded to; I only find the login module css file and it has nothing like what you've posted in you're answer. The module works when provided a normal template position, but when I added the module to an article, then the user profile window only shows up a little bit without the ability to logout.
  13. Wow! These are great extensions! Don't know much about the support side of things yet, but the extensions I purchased (contact and slideshow pro) are marvelous!