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  1. Hello dear developer! The forum reviewed and did not understand how to translate the module using the .ini file. Would you be so kind as to point to my mistakes: 1. translate the file en-GB.mod_bt_login.ini 2. Save ru-RU.mod_bt_login.ini 3. Uploading to a folder /language/ru-Ru/ However, in the module all stored in the native language т.е.EN Thanks in Advance! P.S. References to decisions in other similar topics not work...
  2. thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I have the same problem, please help in solving it! after registration writes JINVALID_TOKEN... thank you in advance
  4. Hello Developer! After clicking on the registration of a modal window appears with the text.(11.png) And by the link from the letter of the registration of the POPs own page joomla message and Enter login and password.(22.png) Is it possible to do that popped up a modal window BT Login or a modal window with the text of Joomla as the registration on the background of the main page? Thanks in advance for Your willingness to help us!
  5. It was proposed and executed the following decision: Removed the standard joomla module in the transition from a letter of activation(11>22>33). Developers thank you very much;)
  6. The requested data sent to the specified address. Thank you for trying to help:) ;)
  7. Thank you very much for the help, everything turned out:) I wish You Success and All the best:) File Russian(Help Russian speaking): 18.08..2012 Corrected errors in the translation