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  1. Hi, I have a question, if it's possible to set a FIXED image as a thumbnail on Facebook share button in order to show always the same image, like the avatar.Thanks :)
  2. Maybe, I have solved the problem. :) Thanks!
  3. So, I have set the image size for k2 items to XL and resize the images that were shown as a thumbnails ann now for some item the share button work correctly, but not for other item. The Faceboog debugger says: Provided og:image is not big enough. Please use an image that's at least 200x200 px. Image '' will be used instead. even if the image is XL. Why?
  4. Sorry for my ignorance, but I don't understand what I have to do!Where can I fix the size of these images?I thought they were big enough. And what is facebook debug tool?
  5. At the begin the problem was only for casual items, but now it's present for all of them. The detail is the images that are shown as a thumbnails are the SAME 3. This 3 images are collocated in the footer position in the homepage only. I've checked the size of them and unable the cache time for these modules 'cause I thought it could be the problem but nothing. I've also tried to change OG and code into the file .php so as to disable OG for k2 content even if I don't know if it's correct. Please help me.
  6. Hi, I have a problem with the thumbnail of the facebook share button in k2 items, but not for all of them. Particularly, the thumbnails shown are always the same. The other contents are shown correctly. How can I fix it? The website is joomla version: 2.5 Thank for your Help.