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  1. Hi, I must be missing something in the newer version. Have a look at the site: The source of the slider is a category of Joomla articles. I do not want the images to link but they are currently linking to the individual articles. I have looked through the configuration as best as I could. Can I remove the link to the article? Sorry to be a bonehead... Steve
  2. Ha! I figured out a workaround! :P I changed a setting and somehow it pushed the text away from the title container. Here is what I did...In the module settings,Global setting| Grid Setting| Module width, the default setting is Auto. I set it to 600 px and now all the text displays. I dunno why it works but it does. Cheers
  3. Hi, I have a subscription but I thought I should ask this here. Will this extension find content in 2JToolBox galleries or is it limited to what com_search will do? Here is a page that shows an example: Cheers,
  4. Here is the was garbled in initial post:
  5. I have this installed to show as a content slider for Latest News category of content: The articles autodipslay. The first item that displays is hidden by the category title. when the second item displays, it shows fine. I checked the error console and I don't see what I need there. I am sure it must be a conflict somewhere but the easiest solution for me is to hide the category title from BT Slider. Is there a way to do this? STeve