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  1. In fact, the answer I gave in the previous post ... But I can explain it in detail... ;) To get rid of this problem should be given AppID in the settings of the plugin on 'Facebook' tab, in section 'Facebook Advanced' like on screenshot below... Regards.
  2. Hi, Already I solved the problem ... I just did not have set FB application ID in plugin. Now everything is fine. Regards.
  3. Now file is correct and bug is fixed... :) Thanks a lot!
  4. Unfortunately, after clicking on the 'download' still get a version v2.3.7 (like on screenshot). Maybe could you give me some direct link? Thanks.
  5. Hi there, When I'm sharing content on Facebook and I'm not logged in, title of my post on FB is like "...shared a link via domain.com" but after login process title is changing to "...shared a link via Widget Share Log App". Please see attach file. I don't know, is this a bug or not? Regards.
  6. Hi, Thanks for your quick reply and fix bug but in download section still is file with version 2.3.7 (plg_bt_socialshare_j2.5&j3.x_v2.3.7.zip). After installation plugin from this file, nothing changes. Regards.
  7. Hi, I found problem with Twitter button when site URL contains https. For example when after login site URL is changing from http://domain.com to https://domain.com. After this process Twitter sharing button is not showing correctly and link of this button is incorrect. Paradoxically, when site url is normally 'http', url of Tweeter button contains the 'https', but when site URL is changing to 'https', button URL is without 'https' exactly is like http://twitter.com/share. Regards, Robay