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  1. If you disable depart in other pages, but I want my K2 component will appear on the home page content will appear there when opened
  2. Thanks for your help I'm using now there is no problem aris bt .. Examples of bt module but have another problem: twitter feeds, etc. bt slider show positions (for example, in the content of k2) How do I set it I do not want to appear
  3. If this is the SUBJECT TITLE HELLO SORRY WRONG .... I am using bt folio template .. My problem is I can not remove article titles in the pop-up page, please please help ... Not how you want to look at this link I will post it ... Could you please tell me
  4. Hello, How do I remove the title shown in the picture folio template I'm using BT
  5. No problems with article content There are only a problem in the article title
  6. I could not find where to change text font support
  7. Hi bt tabs on the homepage module title in the K2 component in the Turkish character problem I'm having what should I do to fix it
  8. bt-arise when visitors to the page will be opened popup propose Have announcement module???
  9. Save button is pressed, as you say, but I do not save. do not mistake
  10. extentions - template manager- bt arise default-Profiles- Save changes but it does not work I'm doing here Can you help what could be the reason?
  11. When I click to open the upper part of communication is not hidden What do I do it step by step to the map where there appear which you need to place the code I'm so sorry I'm new to constantly want to help you in this regard
  12. -BT downloaded Google Maps -using as a template bt_arise -How do I put Google Maps into contact form? -Thank you for helping
  13. Hello, could you please speak well of this module is downloaded Google Maps module in communication Can you tell us to figure out how to Note: using IT ARISE template