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  1. Please tell me which step I have to take to bring the changes from the testing account to THX a lot
  2. Thumb up!!! Please tell me. Where I can donate!
  3. Dear tronghm! Back again. I made a backup. And grant Superadministrator rights to you. You can work on that domain user: guest password: *see mail* user:guest password:*see mail* user: *see mail* password: *see mail* I send the missing information to your eMail-Adress. After you are ready: Please tell me which files you have changed. Than I copy it to the live shop on THX a lot!THX a lot!
  4. I installed the file Still the same problem: Filter works:ür-fußbodenheizung.html Activating the new module Filter does not work. :( user and password guest guest I would appreciate your help.
  5. My fault. Sorry about that. Please try again: with guest, guest.
  6. Hi There! JQuery is definitely deactivated. I fount the problem. It is caused by that line: <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> The filter tool works without that line: Here you can access my testing page with. guest guest I think it needs a recoding of this script. Please tell me, if you would like to do this programming job for me. Please contact me at, to discuss the details. THX :) Love your tool
  7. Thum up! The navigation now works in IE 9. A small problem is left. a)öden.html - no slider present: if you change on the left the filter. The articleslist refreshes. B) - here is a slider if you change on the left the filter. The articlelist does not refresh. Do you have any idea what causes this problem? THX a lot
  8. I have this Version installed. Have a look I cant switch to auto. It is the latest
  9. No same Problem on different computers. There must be a conflict with the javascripts. a) Thry this: Then choose on the left side a floor. When the slider is not displayed - Menu and Tool on the left works fine. B) on this page the slider is shown. Now the tool on the left does not work anymore. Even in firefox and ie8. I would be very happy about help.
  10. Hello Forum! I have a problem with the slider. I use the Slider as a plugin in Virtuemart. I load it with {loadposition trends}. I defined this position in the slider ifselfe. {loadposition} is a CoreFunction to use modules as Plugin. No Problem in older browsers. Here comes the problem with ie9: a) every thing works, when the slider is not loaded The Navigation drops down in IE9. B) Error, when the slider is loaded,-nuss-landhausdielen.html here the navigation does not drop down anymore and the Filter on the left do not work. I would appreciate you help! THX from Angelika from Austria