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  1. Hi When I choose K2 category when creating a tab, I don't get the scroll to select category Please see attached screenshot I have the 1.0 version that I bought with BT Travel and I noticed that you have upgraded it to 1.1 that I can't download Is this intentional to oblige the client to buy the same thing twice just to have latest version ??
  2. Stil no idea from october 17th ???
  3. Most of topics on this forum finish with : Give me your admin URL Which makes such support forum very poor The aim of a forum support is to share solutions I have exactly the same problem but unfortunately this forum is not of great utility
  4. Hi Thanks for reply I'm sorry, can't give admin access If you have any idea from this error Firebug shows an error in /public_html/plugins/system/azrul.system/pc_includes/ajax_1.5.pack.js line 1
  5. Hi I have a problem with jomsocial messaging When I click on the button to send a message (either popup or message section) , nothing happens BUT the message is sent !! When I use popup and click on SEND, the popup keeps open and no confirmation message is displayed Firebug shows an error in /public_html/plugins/system/azrul.system/pc_includes/ajax_1.5.pack.js line 1 Could you please help me fix it ? Thanks
  6. I have 2.4.3 version and don't have the following line in my helper.php echo $error; Is this normal ?
  7. Hi So many users were asked to give their admin access but non came back with any news since I have the same problem I tried so many login modules , all of them work except this one There should be a problem with module !! The latest update did not help Thanks
  8. Hi Tooo late I solved my problem Thanks
  9. Hi No did not solve it I'm waiting your help I sent you the link you requested and since did not hear from you
  10. Hi I have no news since I sent you the link Is there any solution for this blank space ? Thanks
  11. Hi I set you the link in PM Thanks
  12. Hi I'm using the latest version All is alright except the index page of jomsocial In the demo, you're using 3 columns, and as I'm using 2, the middle column remains empty
  13. Hi I use main+right layout Everything works fine except the jomsocial homepage which has an empty space between recent activities and right column as shown in the attached screenshot Could you please guide me to fit recent activities to main layout Thanks
  14. I reinstalled the theme and the problem was corrected
  15. Hi I added padding: 0 10px to CSS and that corrected the position inside the module But the whole module position in about 25px left compared to the main menu and main content Could you please tell me how to correct that ? Thanks