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  1. Hi buddies, have you been thinking about adapt this nice piece of code BT Social Login to other systems, like phpbb? :P ;)
  2. Stupid question... this can be done through module params :rolleyes: Closed.
  3. Hi buddies. I would like to know if it's possible to avoid/custom the redirection to /index.php?option=com_users&view=login after login with Google/Twitter account ;) Cheers.
  4. Ok buddy, thank you.
  5. Hi buddies, I'm having a look at where I see that BTSL last version is 1.1.5, but change log is not updated, so I wonder what's new in that version.
  6. Hi buddies. Does this hack still work with 1.1.4 version? ;)
  7. Hi again, buddies. I've just seen you have updated BTSL to 1.1.4 version ;) How do I have to install this new version? I mean, do I have to uninstall previous version or it's not necessary?
  8. Ok buddy. Please let me know.
  9. Hi buddies. As maybe you know the Twitter REST API v1 is no longer active (now it's v1.1 version). Does it affect to BT Social Login to work properly?
  10. Hi buddies. I would like to duplicate BT Social Login module in my site (it's a bit complicated to explain, I want to have two different template-style in my site of BT Social Login module). I was thinking about copy my original BT Social Login module in Joomla backend and assign it a new module position, but, the /tmpl/default.php file is the same for both modules. How can I have a different /tmpl/default.php file for each module?
  11. Ok buddy, thanks for answering.
  12. Hi buddies. Is this hack still valid for last BTSL version?
  13. Hi buddy. I would like to use BT Quick Contact in pop up form type. I'm assigning any valid position from my template and assigning to show on all pages. In this case, the pop up form works fine, but an 'empty module' appears in the position I chose. How can I fix that?