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  1. it's already working ... the problem was Template overwrite the CSS with Javascript that checking the screen. I comment this lines and it´s working. Thanks a lot for your attention and interest. You do not work with Prestashop and Wordpress?, I think you are good professionals Thanks,
  2. Yes, but all pages that have the module published has this problem. Now all pages have this module published but not page black background I have checked it in Chrome 21.0.1180.89, IE 8, IE9, Firefox 15.0.1 , Safari and in multiple computers (no only my PC) Thanks,
  3. other image [attachment=1163]capture_Correct_without_Exten.jpg[/attachment]
  4. I am attaching images to show you what I mean
  5. Hi, Sorry but my english insn´t good. When you run the module maximizes or deforms other parts of the site web . Original form (see left menu) http://www. When extension is working then it deform left menu http://www. centrocomercialcanarias. com/ I don´t know what happens thanks,