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  1. Hi and thanx. I don´t know why I didn´t test the flast list layout. But can you please help me with at least two things: 1) >> How can I make the category page images not "stretch-ie"? 2) >> How can I make the slideshow page images not "stretch-ie"? >> How can I get rid of the red squares below the slideshow and have the actual thumbs? >> Do I have the slideshow in the correct position? My Facebook buttons and stuff would be best placed in the center positions below the slideshow :) >> What plus sign is in the bottom left corner? I have sent you a user and pass for a super user.
  2. Hi guys! How can I make my site's categories page look like the demo site´s categories page? My page: Demo page: I am looking for the same look and feel. Isn´t this built in the theme´s package?
  3. Thank you. Worked.
  4. Hi I have the latest version 2.1.1 but images don´t resize. What should I do? My website is