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  1. sorry I was away. I have reactivated the module on a new version of my site. The address is I have different problems : I have tried with Chrome, FF, IE10 and Opera. I have put the module on the home page (using module management form I want to display a Youtube video. Sometimes I get the video and sometime not. The modestbranding is not activated (I get the Youtube logo on the right down side). I am using Easy jquery. This site is a J3.2. I have tested with easy Jquery activated and easy Jquery unactivated. I have also tested with load Jquery from Bt background slideshow and with Jquery from module not loaded. I get always the problem. How can I get the modestbranding and how can I get always the module on home page. thank you for help best regards Michel
  2. Hello, I have a problem with the YT list in the module : The first time I load a list, I have no problem (except if a video is twice in the list : the second time the video is refused). All images are uploaded. If I want to use the same list in another BT module, the systems says that no image are available. If I delete all images, the system clean the screen, the images seems deleted inside the directory but the module refuse to upload the images saying 'image existed' or 'no image to upload'. How can I correct this thank you for advices best regards Michel
  3. hello, I have done a test on a J2.5 site : ( When opening the page I get the youtube background video with the Youtube logo. If I click twice on the video I get the youtube fullscreen video with modestbranding. when I leave the fullscreen I go back to the classic Youtube display. I have checked the default.js : Modestbranding is already on '1' (activated). Is it possible to get the modestbranding in both situation thank you for help best regards Michel
  4. I have done some changes but I don't get the video everytime, sometime yes, sometime the image of corresponding to the video and sometime nothing (for the same page). the url is thank you Best regards Michel
  5. Hello In J3.1.5 the module works on first access to home page. When opening another page or reopening the home page I get a black background , a wheel appears less than one second and the background remains black. 2 questions : how can I get the background content on all pages, Is it possible to get another color than black for the background ? My site : thank you for advices best regards Michel
  6. Hello In your demo site on the right side of the screen there a button [hide content]. I dont get it on my stie ( How can I get it . I have another questin about this button : Once the content hidden, it's seems impossible to go back to display the content. How can I get a [display content] button when content hidden ? thank you for advices best regards Michel
  7. Hello When running a Youtube video I get the right bottom button to open the video directly in Youtube (and exiting from the site). In the Youtube API there is a parameter 'modestbranding=1' which display the Youtube link at the right top of the screen in little characters. This links to Youtube replaces the original one. Is it possible to get this option in the module ? best regards Michel
  8. It's working now thank you very much.
  9. hello, I have just bought the BT Background SlideShow in J.3.1.5. I want to use youtube video. The address of the site is : Can you tell what to do to let it works thank you for help best regards Michel