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  1. When images are inserted I try to display in BT Property Showcase module, but the images does not show horizontally in carousel. Only vertical. See demo page - http://janadians.com/gdl/index.php/pages/login Please help
  2. I want persons to use E-mail instead of username. Is that possible with BT Social Login? How can I accomplish this?
  3. Viewing your demo of this module, I see that the weather layer is not working and realize that it is an issue from google. But the solution of using OpenWeatherMap API with Google Map API been fixed in the module? If so where can I see an example before purchase?
  4. How can I move the title from the top? I would like the Title to be below the thumbnail or above the Intro text. See attached image and demo site at http://www.tvjsn.com/demo/
  5. Yes, thank you. That is what I would like.
  6. How can I place a new module position above the menu and logo of the site? I wish to move the logo from its current position and place it above the menu. See example attached.
  7. When I try to load Theme Magic it does not load the site properly and I am therefore unable to use the features of Theme Magic. Same issue when I am viewing the site from my remote Joomla installation on my laptop. I get the following error: "A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script will complete. Script: http://localhost/gdl/plugins/system/t3/base/js/less-1.3.3.js:249" See attached and please help.
  8. How was this resolved. Can you please post the resolution as I am having the same issue.