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  1. Hi! To add pictures to an existing slideshow is quite exhausting. To reload the pics from a certain folder - without deleting - leads to doubled pics. If I delete the "new" one both pics will disappear. So I first have to delete all pictures and load all pics from a certain folder again. However by doing that all the information which had been added (title, link) are gone. Where are these information stored? I can´t find them within the database. Is there an index somewhere? Thx for your help. Atze
  2. That´s it! Thank you very much! Well done. You should embed this(!) function within the admin interface.
  3. The animation stops as soon as the mouse is inside the box - always. Unless: I move the mouse into the box exactly during the transition effect. To sort it: I want it to "continue" all the time. No stops on any mouse event. Apparently the "hover to stop" feature is still activated? Thx!
  4. Thank you for your reply. It does not solve the issue. It kind of sometimes works but then not. I don´t see a logic. Weird! I can PM you the address if you want to have a look. Site is not published so far. Edit: If I put the mouse into the box during the transition effect, the slideshow continues. If I put the mouse into the box while a picture is shown, the slideshow stops. Checked with Safari and Firefox. Any way to avoid this?
  5. Hi there! Sorry for picking up this "old" topic. Is there any way to disable the pause on hover feature? With or without a button. Can I disable it manually - somewhere? Thank you for your support. Atze