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  1. Hi, In the past you developed a custom Google Maps module for me, I already sent this again via a support ticket. Since a few weeks it doesn't work anymore, see Can you check and maybe fix this issue? It's the newest version of Joomla in combination with the newest version of your plugin. Kind regards, Rens Lauwers
  2. I have a problem with my next/prev project buttons. They don't navigate like they should: the buttons go to the first/last item and skip items in between. In some categories they simply don't go to the portfolio items but back to the category view... Tried to install newest version of component, default themes both Joomla and bt portfolio but no luck.. See: or More info also in: Also without the additional settings with the categories which were added (see other topic) it doesn't work
  3. Can you answer on this topic?
  4. Can you please check this? I also tried this with your default template / default portfolio.php file but then it doesn't navigate to another item as well..
  5. Old topic but same website: after some updates it is not working anymore. before replacing your controllers/portfolio.php solved it but that's not the case anymore. I updated my portfolio.php file to the newest version and applied your adjustments but it is not working. See: and use "volgende" "vorige" on the right part of the site. It goes to a next item but just 1 and afterwards not anymore. On the "volgende" "vorige" buttons even lead to the overview instead of the next item. Attached are the files you created in the past and which worked till now. detail.php default.php portfolio.php
  6. Thx, i didn't think about the timeout function, this solved my issue!
  7. Hi, I'm using this module to show two different google maps (see One is shown as default, the other should show up when clicking on "Bekijk kaart" in de right red box. This map won't be fully loaded. I used the following javascript: $(document).ready( function() { $("#linkhasselt").click(function() { $("#maphasselt").fadeToggle(); $("#mapleuven").hide(); }); }); $(document).ready( function() { $("#linkleuven").click(function() { $("#mapleuven").fadeToggle(); $("#maphasselt").hide(); }); }); [/CODE] This totally works it's just that the google map isn't correctly loaded for the second city. I found a lot of sites about this, for example:, but that code doesn't work for me. Any advice?
  8. this helps for the first slide effect, but after selecting the second category only the hover of the first project works now.
  9. hello, I have a problem with the bt foto theme: when selecting a specific category the hover effect doesn't work like it should work. after selecting a couple of others it works again. I have this problem with my own custom made template but also with Prostar, in combination with J 3.3.6. Preview available on
  10. I will send you and pm with more details
  11. Thx for your help but it doens't work here.. the image loads in a normal screen instead of a pop-up.. The fancybox files are loaded (i see them in the source code in my browser)
  12. Can you make this adjustmet also for the media slideshow? For an other project i need to use that slideshow cause the images have a lot of different ratio's and I don't want them to be stretched in the slideshow but want to have a pop-up with navigation as well.
  13. Thx! This is exactly what I needed.
  14. hello, For a new project I again want to use this component but prev / next buttons in the lightbox are mandatory... Is it possible to add a feature to switch between different lightbox scripts? I don't need video so it doesn't matter that videos won't work well.
  15. I also have problems with this. It's a live website which has been updated to J3.3, now editing portfolio's isn't possible anymore. On J3.2.x there where no problems at all!