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  1. Hi Tampt, thanks for your help. But it don't works :s I've a new menu in the hide menu which link to the K2 category where the contentslider should be shown. Then I create BT-Tab with the position "hotel-flight" and the needed content source. After that I create content slider and insert BT-Tabs but in the K2 I don't see the module. Could you help me? Thanks very much for your efforts. Best Regards
  2. Hello, 1. I want that a required field is described with * and not with(*) where and how can I change. 2. The BT Quickcontactmodule in the BT Tabs module in the homepage don't adapts to the size which is needed to see all in coclusion the button submit is not shown. For example: A)After a pagebreak to the second step with more fields. B)When the module shows the message: Some fields are required or false When I change the parameter height from auto to px the module show all fields but dont adapt. Could you please help me?
  3. Hello, how can i display bt content slider module on the article who opens when I click on "View details" in the homepage bt content slider?
  4. Hello, I've solved the problem. Thanks for your efforts. The K2 component saves all article images in JPG format - is there any way to forbit that. K2 should save the images in the same format like the basic-image format?
  5. I have trouble with the background-slideshow. I want that an other slideshow then the homepageslideshow also was displayed in the format like the homepageslideshow in other pages of my site. I have following configurations: - Position: “background-slideshow-home” - Tab slideshow config: + Slideshow size: select: “Wrapper element”. - Tab navigation config: + Nav position: select: “absolute”. - Tab advanded functions: + Wrapper Element: “#ja-background-slideshow” But it was displayed like background-slideshow :s I have the newest versions. Could you help me?
  6. Oh ok. Yes, now it works thank you very much!
  7. Hello chinhpv.hp, yes that I have done but the form says also the field is required . Thist problem was after I include the code :s Is there another solution?
  8. Hello, where I can put in the JS Datas: src=""> src="/map/jquery.maphilight.min.js"> I have put they in the /block/head.php but after that the menu-slider-function don't works. I need the JS Datas for an animated map (you see that map under the backgroundslideshow). If I put the JS functions in the map article the map don't works. See my problem here: Could you help me?
  9. Sorry, there is one problem. I do not want that the date field is required so I make the date field- in the module- unrequired but the form want anytime that I fill in the field. Do you have a solution for that?
  10. Does anybody has an answer? I've this problem with the QuickstartPackage of BT Travel Template. I've find one solution but it isn't a good solution. I set the directory /media/k2/items/cache/ 777 chmod to let joomla upload new foto after that I set 755 chmod but that I don't have to do with my old Joomla websites. The K2 image explorer also show me only images with a locksymbol and a document in background. The backgroundslider also says when I try do load a Joomla Folder or an Upload: "Loading Failed - The modules folder is not writable" The BT Images Gallery also have the same problem but the module folder have also chmod 755 - normally it must work but it don't works. Please help me for a better solution. :S
  11. Thanks very much! Your idea works. And with " I want when a visitor click in the date field the calendar opens. Is there a solution?" I mean - the calender should also open when a visitor click in the date field (the "text"fieldarea)- I don't mean the calendar symbol (the calendar symbol works). Do you have also a solution? Your support is very good!
  12. Hello, I want when a visitor click in the date field the calendar opens. Is there a solution? Where I could change the validation for the date? - I want that the format date.month.year is correct. I want that he accept a . and / and - . In the validate.jquery.js I have find that area: // date: function(value, element) { return this.optional(element) || !/Invalid|NaN/.test(new Date(value)); }, // dateISO: function(value, element) { return this.optional(element) || /^\d{2}[\/\-]\d{1,2}[\/\-]\d{4}$/.test(value); }, but nothing happens when I change. Could anybody help me?
  13. Hello, 1.I want that the calendar also open when a visitor click in the date field. So that he can't add any text by himself.Only the calender could be able to insert the date. 2. I want that the calendar insert the date in the format: day, month, year.That I have changed in the default.php - ifFormat: "%d-%m-%Y" but now the calender (only required calender fields) starts in year 2022 - where I can solve the problem? Could you help me?
  14. Hello, I ve installes the quickpackage of BT Travel and want to add an image to a K2 Article for showing in the Content Tabs of the homepage. But everytime I add a picture in K2 Article-->Article Picture--> search on server--> save - K2 do not save my picture. Do you could help me?