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  1. Hi I install the component in my website link and I insert the api key google in the componente configuration but I can't see he map. The image in the page link is in list, but I need 1 and other under the photo. How I can fix this? thanks
  2. Hi, I want add the Bt social share in the page of the single property.. how I can do this? thanks giuseppe
  3. Hi, I don't found a solution, the function calendar not work... how I can solv?
  4. Hi, I insert the calendar features but don't work, I click on the icon but not open the calendar: click on "proprietari" login: giuseppe11 pass giuseppe11 thanks
  5. Hi, I have Jquery, but my question is: in what file I can change the name "select city"?
  6. Hi, I want to change the higth and the name about the tables in the file in attachement, what file I need editing? thank giuseppe
  7. hello , thanks for your reply . but it would be possible to add it in the form of insertion of the house ? I sieghi how could I do? thanks ( this is important for me, and after I buy the templates)
  8. Good morning , it is possible to charge for the insertion of an announcement for a house ? for example, to insert an announcement of a house has to pay $ 5 . ?
  9. I'm sorry, whene I use the bt property templates I found the files here: /templates/bt_property/html/mod_bt_property_filter/but whene I don't use this templates, where I can found this files?
  10. you . hello . When I click the drop down menu property chicks , there no choice , I can not sceglere nothing . if you try to send a still nothing happens , it is not working . you can try: demo demo
  11. after login I try to inser all dates an click on "send", but nothing happens demo demo
  12. hello , I'm interested in the template bt property . for the moment I'm trying a different templates , but I have problems I do not understand : if you use the login form on the left , it does not work , and after login directed to the home page and the page where I logged . Also you can not register a new user . where I can set these data ? if you use the form bt login (right ) is operating correctly , but I can not log out . ( see Annex ) see website: login: demo demo
  13. hello , I installed to test the component on this site : http://www.ideedalla...p/it/inserisci it seems impossible to register as a new user , try , nothing happens . I created a test user : inserting login as " demo " and password " demo " , you access the login to send data to a structure , but before you jump to the home page , why jump to the home page ? because the display module is wrong ? thanks
  14. I have tried many times with different settings. knows someone explain to me how I can set to display in the form and TAB, the articles in this way? (see attachment). when I create an article, then add the image to the second part, the image is not displayed. I would like to view the articles in the same same way as in an attachment. thanks
  15. I bought this templates ... the background image of the templates (the city that appears great in the background ...) ... I installed everything correctly, I turned on what I think is the form that BT background slideshow ... I uploaded the images but nothing at all ... I plugged in various locations templates but nothing ... someone can help me? thank you! " in italy language ho comprato questo templates... l'immagine di sfondo del templates, (la città che appare in grande nello sfondo...) ... ho installato correttamente il tutto, ho attivato quello che penso sia il modulo cioè BT background slideshow... ho caricato le immagini ma nulla di nulla... l'ho inserito in varie posizioni del templates ma niente... qualcuno sa aiutarmi?? grazie!"