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  1. Hi, if I share an article, (example :é ) the content of the post appears wrong and not correspondent to article content. I have verified the OG Tags of the page and they are correct. Any Idea ? Thanks in advance. Bye.
  2. Solved deleting the the template override file item.php ...
  3. Hi. It's not possibile to download pdf attachmentes from the K2 items. The pdf files results corrupt . From backoffice the download works correctly Thanks in advance
  4. Thanks for your reply but probably I have not explained correctly. Please check the below image. I mean the normal background of the page content.
  5. Hi. The white usual page backgroud disappears on modules. For example when I go into the page of RSFORM, Acymailing, or Regsitration, etc... tha background becames transparent. Any suggestion ? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi, I'm developing locally a template on the base of this : I need to insert images/videos instead of the background grey image (about servers). I have tryed to insert into WRAPPER ELEMENT the #gkHeader that contains the image background (also tryed .imageBg #gkHeader) but the result is that entire page has the background slideshow (if I scroll the background it remains fixed OVER the content text that's is unreadable). I need that if I scroll the page the background scrolls up also. It's possible ? otherwise seems not possible to apply the BT background to any element but only to the entire page. Thanks in advance.