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  1. Yes, the module is published on the page where I would like it to working. My link looks like this: <a class="bt-quick-contact" href="#" rel="198">contact us</a>
  2. Yeah, that doesn't seem to want to work. url is http://evergreenexhibitions.ca/exhibitors/why-our-shows-work
  3. So, if the pop up contact form I made has a joomla id of 198, what exactly am I putting in rel=""? Should it just be the id number? Because that's not working. I've tried a few different things, nothing seems to work... Sorry if I'm a bit dense but I'll need you to spell this one out for me. <a href="#" class="bt-quick-contact" rel="module_id">Some text</a> to open contact form.
  4. I've had to reinstall tabs and content slider a few times and I think I may have lost something in the process (like the default layout option). My content is not showing up properly in the bt tabs. Can someone have a look please? Everything is published, I am setting up tabs as module and selecting the content slider module that I created. It is set up to show K2 categories. One tab is showing some test content, it was set up to show k2 category (multiple tabs), but only one tab is showing any content. No images. I think the content has some weird positioning. The tab names are showing up, just no content evergreenexhibitions.ca
  5. I think this is more of a bt tabs issue. I no longer have the default layout option, could that be an issue?
  6. This does not solve the problem. I can use the content slider now, but when I try and use K2 categories it breaks with the same error message. I saw this post: http://bowthemes.com/bt-content-slider/5625-fatal-error-call-to-undefined-method-btk2datasource_substrword.html and I was able to solve the error message. However, my content slider is still not showing up within the bt-tab. Can you please advise what I can do to solve this. I have uninstalled and reinstalled both bt-tabs and bt-content slide a few times now.
  7. I used the quick start package to install this template, I was having issues with the version of the content slider so I installed the content slider module again and it broke my site. evergreenexhibitions.ca I have disabled the module for now and the site works, but this is the error I got: Fatal error: Call to undefined method BtK2DataSource::_substrword() in /home/content/00/9908800/html/modules/mod_bt_contentslider/classes/k2.php on line 228 Please help