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  1. Hey guys, I"m running Joomla 3.2.3 . I have experienced two issues related to the installation of bt media gallery. I first installed the NON all in one version. Afterwards my admin control panel for joomla was almost completely missing; except the standard quick links admin module but with no css styling at all. However, all the inner admin pages for joomla displayed great and as expected with no display isssues. In addition, on the frontend of the site, in an article category blog view, the output was changed so that there were no article titles, readmore button, and article info like author, category, etc. In addition, viewing a blog page resulted in super long load times to the point of time out. I uninstalled the component along with all associated modules and plugins. Problem disappeared. I installed the ALL in one version. Installed successfully. THis time no admin control panel display or rendering issues. Somehow this version of the installation package was different in this regard. However, the frontend category blog display still had the same missing information and problems. I began to disable the various plugins off and on and finally discovered that the content plugin for bt media display was the problem. when off, the issues on the front category blog display were completely gone; when on the problems returned. I changed the order of this content plugin to the last in the order, problems on the category blog view remained with some slight differences - some of the article info returned, but not all and same rendering and style issues remained. Page loaded a lot more rapidly. I've disabled the plugin and all is back to normal. I realize it could be some conflict with another extension. I am using nothing but core extensions for the most part; except for payplans membership management, akeeba, phocadownload, itp-social share, and xmap. So I'm not running a ton of plugins, addons, etc. Only what's absolutely necessary. So I'm guessing there might be some bug with the plugin or a conflict. I enabled error reporting to developement, maximum and system debug and recieve no php errors; which seems odd. You're help would be most appreciated :) I always appreciate your free extensions over the last few years and so know that this is just a small bump or obstacle. Best Regards, Danny Leary Oh, I'm running the latest bt media gallery versions that are available right now as of march 23, 2014 - core version 1.1.3 of the component and i couldn't find a version for the plugin.
  2. Would it be possible to add a filter to the component which will filter by category? Thanks :) Danny :)
  3. Hello, Would it be possible to create a menu type that will display a List of categories? Can it include the option to display 'NO' images or videos, just links to the different categories available? The idea is similar to the menu types Joomla has available for 'articles' - category, categories list, categories blog.... for example. Best Regards, Danny :)