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  1. Hi, I have changed almost everything into Swedish in this module but I can´t find where to change "Author, Category, Language and Type", when I klick on the advanced search. Please see the attached file to understand what I mean. Where do I change the circled words into Swedish? Best regards, Addan
  2. Unofortunately it only works in one position and only on the index.php page. It is still black on other pages :( AND my login modal window stopped working from other pages as well....
  3. Is it possible to load the Slideshow pro in an article with "Load Module Plugin"?? I use {loadmodule xxx} inside an article. It usualy works with other modules. As it is now, it shows only black with slideshow pro. Any solutions? best regards, Addan
  4. First you take our money than you want our passwords? Come on! There must be some other way to come up with a fix that we can do ourselves!
  5. I tried a lot of solutions within this module but my jpegs wont turn up in the slide show. You can only see thumbnails and arrows that you cannot click on. The slideshow is all black all the time. Have red on this forum and many people have the same issue...' Solution please!!!