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  1. Dear Hari, Please kindly login once again and try to post on BT Real Estate forum. Many thanks, Irene
  2. Dear Hari, I'm sorry for late reply. Please login again by your username hariharan. Now you can download all updates of BT Real Estate and get premium support via ticket and commercial forum. I already moved this ticket to BT Real Estate topic. A CS staff will get back to you very soon. Have a nice day, Irene
  3. Hi Novia, Your advice is really helpful. We will add this feature on another Bowthemes extension in a near future. Note that BT Slideshow extension is no longer supported by us. Thank you so much!
  4. Hi Hari, To get support for BT Real Estate via forum or ticket system, you need to activated premium account first. Please provide us with your order information from Bowthemes or Themeforest (username, product, order number..). Many thanks, Irene
  5. Hi Mat, Thank you for helpful suggestion. Adding these buttons are possible. Please kindly wait for next update of our extension (coming soon). Irene Ph
  6. Hi friend, Your membership account is activated. Have a nice day, Irene Ph
  7. Hi Vladimir, Yes, you can apply this trick on BT Content Showcase. This extension is just premium version of BT Content Slider, I guess that you already know it :) Many thanks, Irene Ph
  8. Hi Mrslv, Thanks for your feedback. We have activated your premium account. Please kindly check and see if you can download your wanted products from (login first). In case that you need our support, don't hesitate to connect with our technical department at Regards, Irene
  9. Thanks for asking Davide. To be clear, BT Metro is compatible with Joomla 3.x, not only 3.0.2 version. So please feel free to upgrade your Joomla to 3.2 version :) Wishing you a Happy New Year, Irene
  10. Dear Patti, We realize that you have free account. Please login by your purchased account to view commercial forum area, or please send us your order information via themeforest, so that we could activate VIP account for you. Thank you so much, Irene
  11. Hi Darren, We're so sorry that BT Magazine is free and at present we don't have any plan to release Premium version of this template. Anyway, you'll have 2 ways to edit BT Magazine's footer: - 1st way: follow this path ../languages/en/mod_footer.ini, you'll find the language file of footer module, afterwards, please edit text in label MOD_FOOTER_LINE - 2nd way: disable current footer module, create a custom html module with your wanted content and set is position as "footer". To learn more about footer module of BT Magazine, pleas read page no 22 of template user guide. I hope this information may help, Irene
  12. Hi Andreas, Sorry for the late reply due to weekends. We love your feedback so much. BT Media Gallery is only full responsive in default layout. In modern layout, it has some trouble displaying youtube videos on smartphone and we have to confess that it's not a simple task. Disablement of pop up might be a solution but I see that you still want to have fancy style pop up. So could you please wait for the next update of BT Media Gallery. We will try to achieve it as soon as possible. Many thanks, Irene
  13. Good morning Lefteris, 1. We Do update template and related extensions of template but not as frequently as stand-alone extensions. The reason for that is not all new versions of extensions fully compatible with current version of template, so it will take us much time and effort to configure and pack them again with template file so that they are all available for download ( do you remember Quickstart package?). This is also our headache and if you could suggest us some solutions, they would be greatly appreciated. "Work very well" means that after installation, accompanying extension must have enough features to help the template looks like the demo and have all characteristics described in template detail page. 2. Yes, after purchased, you will have the right to access download sections of all Bowthemes templates. It depends on each template (some are only compatible with 2.5, some are only compatible with 3.x, most of our templates are compatible with both 2.5 and 3.x). In this situation, you want to download BT Gallery, we provide both version: 2.5 and 3.x of this template. P/s: if you still want to have extension update, you may consider buying J!Extenions or J!Developers membership at this page: Thank you so much, Irene
  14. Dear Darren Scott, Thank you for posting on Bowthemes forum. We already checked our mail box but couldn't find your email. This month we will release new template a bit late due to design issues. It will be available from one or two day later from now. As you may know, we make both templates and extensions. As a developer, I think you could understand that extension is more independent than template and extension update is quite easier than template update. A template contains many elements inside of it, like: layout, module position, style, total design feel, demo, name it. That's why with J!Basic and J!Economic, you couldn't have extension update as you always want. In return for that, you will have all templates from Bowthemes store (premium support) with low price (up to 70% off), able to download all template-related extensions. I understand that you may want to try short time membership first, so I suggest you to buy J!Basic, if you really love our products, you could buy J!Extensions to update extensions. Another options are buying J!Developers (12 months, extensions and templates updates, unlimited domain supports). No matter which membership you will choose, we will try our hardest to make you satisfied. Wish you all the best as Christmas season begins :) Irene
  15. Dear friend, Sorry for any inconvenience that may caused you. However, after checking our system, we couldn't find any ticket or forum post asking for support from you. Could you please send us the link of your question or re-post it here, so that we can serve you without delay. We wish you all the best, Irene