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  1. http://tippingmaster.com.au only see it with the menu after logging in using social login plugin.
  2. Hi Can you tell me the CSS to remove the extra bullets that are being applied. My menu module has bullets already so now am getting to lots. as attached image.
  3. HI I'm looking for BT Media Gallery, modern theme. Mozaic tyling, but need the ability to have some image display in lightbox when clicked and some images have links to articles. David
  4. version 1.2.2, it's a site that I upgraded to 3.3.1 from 2.5.
  5. Version 1.2.
  6. Hi Using Jooml 3.3.1 I can't get flash upload to work, I get a complete message but then no image is showing. HTML 5 uploads but gets stuck and stops. So it does a few images then hangs. Also when I delete images out of a gallery, they aren't deleting from the folder. So if I try to reupload that image it won't upload. I think this also hjas something to do with the uploads in html5 hanging. Seems to get stuck on previously uploaded images. Thanks David
  7. Thanks so much that is great.
  8. Yes, is that possible? I'm trying to replicate the accordion on this site. http://rocketboypizza.com/menu/ David
  9. thanks tronghm. Is there also a way to keep the accordion open? I need to be able to keep the panels open.
  10. Can I create custom layouts. I tried copying the accordion folder and renaming it but doesn't work. What;s the best way to alter the css? Thanks David
  11. Please open file /mod_btquickcontact/admin/formfields/asset.php Find this line if (version_compare(JVERSION, '3.0', 'ge')) { And add right below it this line JHTML::_('behavior.framework', true); The problem will be solved
  12. Hi I can't add a tab. The button add new tab is not responsive. Using joomla 3.3. I had this problem with joomlaworks "simple image gallery" was caused because 3.3 by default is not loading it's core functions. Is this a similar issue?? I had to add this code: JHtml::_('script', 'system/core.js', false, true); Does the module need this as well? David
  13. I've updated to joomla 3.2.1 and now can't upload images. Sometimes they stop at a % and other times they say 100% but then the image doesn't come through.
  14. Hi I'm using joomla 3.2.1. If I turn of thumbs or use a style that has no thembs the slideshow sticks to the first slide and won't play either by auto or manually pressing on the navigation arrows or dots. If i use joomla 2.5.17 with the same template everything is fine. David