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  1. Directly editing the source is not recommended and will be overwritten by a module update. Also, line 3 might change over time, so for the benefit of those who have arrived here after a google search... Add this to your css: .box_skitter { margin: auto; }
  2. Don't see why. Other extensions can do it. You just queue up the images to load one after the other. You can create your own page of images and try it out on a slow connection. :-)
  3. Hi Bowthemes, this is still a problem. Can you make the slideshow load the images one by one, and display the first one to load immediately instead of waiting until they are all loaded before showing any? After the first image is loaded, the page should display the first image and then pause the slideshow until the next image is loaded and so on. Alternatively, I will have to look for a different slideshow module. Thanks, Brian