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  1. I still have the problem... how to solve it ?
  2. Hi everybody, I would like to change the width of the search module. How, and where to do ? thank you for your help.
  3. No idea ? do you want admin access to setup it ?
  4. Hello everyone, i'm trying to create a multilingual joomla site with BT Arise from this tuto : But when i change the Language & Page Assignments from the templates manager to set the pages for each languages, the menu of this languages disappear... And i can see inside the profiles manager of the BT Arise that each Menu Type has the same Menu and not 1 per language... How can i do ? Thank your for your help...
  5. Hi Kien, thank you for your help. When i delete the directory, i d'ont have the icons from the theme... look it but it is working... How to have it working with the images (icons) from the bt arise module ?
  6. Hi everybody... on my website (in french), the register is impossible. Each time i try to register in frontend, this message appear : Unable to register: Please enter a valid email address. But the emails i used are valid... Could you help me ? Thank you...
  7. thank you very much :)
  8. I ha ve the same Fatal error : Fatal error: t3import not found object: core.libs.browser in... how to solve it ?
  9. I'm reading the manual (BT_Arise_User_manual_v2.0.pdf) and i read the photoshop files are zipped in the BT Arise Template file... But i don't find them... Someone could help me to find them please ?
  10. Hi everyone, i'd like to use typography but i don't really know how to do, could you help me ?
  11. où se trouve le fichier ???
  12. Hello, the twitter feed icon doesn't appear on my site, how to display it ?