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  1. Hye, i have 6 tabs on the BT Tabs. The first 5 is fine. But the last appear with no column. It not float to left. I have check the module setting, and it looks fine. Doing great in Firefox, but not in Chrome and other browser. Please assist.
  2. hye, thank you so so much for your reply. really appreciate it.
  3. Hye, can anybody please tell me how do i hide main content on the frontpage? I can't find it on this theme with new T3 Framework. Really need help here.
  4. i'm having this problem too... i installed a quickstart package, but i can't edit the bt-tabs... so i try to install bt tab module again and it seems good at the back-end... once i'm enable this module... and my front site is gone... please provide a solutions that people can read here... and i hope you can give a fast respond...