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  1. Where can I find the <head> BT Photography Joomla Template /<head>? I'd like to change it. Thanks.
  2. I recently uploded image files to the image folder on my site, created some portfolios and added images from the image folder, saw the images appear on the web page and all was good.. I installed RSForm! Pro, and now when I create a portfolio and go to add images, it wants to upload from my HDD. I've spent two hours searching for a control to specify where to look for the images during portfolio creation and so far, haven't found it. Not sure if RSForm changed anythng or not. Help! Thanks.
  3. Thanks, that fixed the problem.
  4. Under "BT PORTFOLIO CONFIGURATION", I've set my display options to a width of 800 and a height of 456, this size ofmy uploaded images. The problem is that no matter what I set the image size to, it cuts off the bottom of the image. I also have crop set to 'off'. Is there another setting somewhere I need to adjust?