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  1. Hi Kien - thanks - I have sent the email
  2. Hi I used the cpanel tab (top right of home page) to change the layout of the page and I can't change it back. The layout is like that when you select "iphone" - the template manager is set as "default" for desktop but I can't make the layout return to normal. The layout also appears incorrect, I get a "T3 Framework" blue branded menu bar at the top which is not right. It's the simple install and it hasn't worked properly since I installed it. Any idea what might be wrong? Thanks Paul
  3. Hi - I have sent again to
  4. That is done Kien - thanks
  5. Hi - How often are new templates released? In a 12 month period how many new templates can I expect and do you have any idea of what new templates are upcoming? Thanks Paul
  6. How about a theme for selling Joomla based sites or technical / web services? Maybe you will sell more J!Developer licenses :) (which I have bought)
  7. Ok thank you. Just to clarify, the template must go with the website or obviously the websites I sell won't work. Do you mean I can't sell the template as a zip by itself? I don't want to do that, I want to sell the websites I make with the template installed and working as a complete website. Where is the original designer name located so I can be sure I don't change that? Is it the "meta author" you are referring to and not the footer which I believe I am allowed to replace?
  8. It seems I located the cause, some cameras produce upper case .JPG file extensions rather than a lower case .jpg - if you don't rename it with a lower case extension it fails. I see this as a bug as it's not going to be convenient to rename many files...unless there is somewhere I can add in JPG as a valid extension?
  9. Hi The licensing for the J Developer allows installation on unlimited domains. Does this mean we can build websites and sell them to individuals/businesses and use the bowthemes templates we purchased? Thanks Paul
  10. Hi Firstly, I only just installed the template, I have average experience in Joomla, I uploaded the quickstart file set. When I go into Module Manager and pick the slideshow I try to upload one of my JPG files it says that "the extension is invalid" - also the button looks like it's in the wrong place (Chrome and FF) and the layout seems rendered incorrectly. What am I doing wrong? I have read the manual that came with the template but I can't seem to do this simple task? Also, if I pick a "Joomla Path" and select images\slideshow where the slideshow image are and got to the site it says "There isn't any images, Please upload via modules management in admin section" and obviously there are images in there it just doesn't see them. Thanks P