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  1. Hello, On a local test everything went well, but on live site problems arise: First I could not install module (...could not find xml) I uploaded the module by FTP and let the system discover and install the module: so far OK The language folder was not installed, but I could upload it by FTP. Next I tried to configure the module. Opening in in Module Manager gives a warning in upper left: Verwijderien index.html mislukt (deleting index.html failed) Trying to get the images loaded first gives the error: "The modules folder is not writable". After changing values to 777 the module tries to load the images, but now I get the error: "Files are can not be saved". Maybe solution is as simple as deleting some index.html the system failed to delete, but I have no idea which file. See atttaced file. I would be very grateful if somebody could point me the way to a solution. Regards, Piet
  2. Thank you very much for this beautiful module, also nice in backend, working perfect. I had a problem getting in to work. It showed the backgrounds in all default Joomla templates but not in mine - untill I discovered that this module needed Mootools loaded. I used a template which has an option not to load mootools. It took me quite a long time to discover this, because my first thought was a jquery conflict with other applications. Is there a way to avoid necessity of mootools loaded, or does the module need this Joomla default library to execute its work? Regards, Piet