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  1. Hi! I just solved the problem, I noticed something I had overlooked. In the template manager ought to create 2 templates a predetermined display template content and other types of landing assigned only to the home. That was what I did and now I can see all modules in place and each carrying and displaying its contents .. Thank you very much for your input, I could not have solved without your help Thank you :D :D :D
  2. Hello, Thanks for responding, what I say now is that I put the layout mode option 2 for your recommendation. But now on you can see the modules located in the BT-scrolling position not displayed By mail I have sent hits the super administrator
  3. Hello, thank you very much for responding. After making the change that you mentioned, I thought that solved the problem, now if I could access the content displayed at least one of the main menu buttons "WE" and in the template with sample data I on the other server I could also see now if the content is displayed. But the template that I am working from home I can not see are the other modules and the footer has changed its position, are more straight left. I would try to reason that details the modules are not now see, I try to change from the template manager position, and thus appear but change your style, do not look like the demo, for example changing the typeface. Now I went to leave the manager of inserts in type Layout "default" and the web is not any module I am sending the mail that you sent me details Super Administrator access so you can see how it was and if you can help me leave everything as it is in the demo you guys have I hope your answer Thanks
  4. Hello, I have a problem. I'm working on putting together my website using the template BUSINESS, and I'm doing from the start. I installed the simple template on a server and also installed the template with sample data to another server to help me copy the same settings. But it happens that in neither I can access templates to view content that should display each module or menu. Items entan created and enabled but not shown in the front ... wherever you want, just click back to home For example (attached snapshot) if I want to access the article linked to k2 Content Showcase BT module, this does not open the related article. Another example is, in the main menu button "NOSOTROS" should lead to k2 made in the article that is linked but does not show anything. Why you might not redirected to the content? Here costs capture images of my 2 examples with their url to visualize not-show-article1.jpg = not-show-content1.jpg = I hope you can help me because I do not know how to solve this Gacias, I expect a refund Yenny
  5. Yeeees!! now yes!! Thank you very much! Now if I could solve Greetings!
  6. The website I'm working on is currently hosted on a test server, the link is as follows:
  7. Hello, I have a problem with BT Background SlideShow module I am currently working on this website ~ cynneypr / construction / As you can see, the text area belonging to the BT Background SlideShow module does not remain fixed in the slider, but it to move downward with the mouse moves the text also going over everything else out there on the site. As I can solve this problem? could help me? The text corresponding to that used for the module will remove the example of the demo and copy it as it was in the demo html sample that I have installed on another account I copy down and attached image <div class="bg_slideshow_over_desc"> <div class="small-title"><span>Bienvenidos a </span>Wall Sur</div> <div class="big-title"><div class="big-title-inner">Ventajas Diferenciales</div></div> <div class="main_desc">Disponemos de equipamiento propio, un producto inmejorable, cuadrillas de operarios altamente capacitados y un eficaz método de trabajo que ideamos a fuerza de experiencia. Estos Atributos garantizan ademas de la máxima calidad en el resultado final, una obra rápida, segura, limpia y sin costos adicionales. </div> <div class="button_bg"> <div class="button_inner"> <a href="#" class="button1">Documentation</a> <a href="#" class="button2">Purchased It</a> </div> </div> </div> Yenny
  8. Apologies if maybe I was not clear, I can not speak English well, I'm helping with a translator. I made reference to that would follow your advice, try to use the Content Showcase BT module but I'm not sure I know how to use and if I will be able to solve the problem, but I'll try anyway ... if he have doubt I can consult you again, right? Yenny
  9. Hi, thanks for the reply although unknown to some as the module works and how I can add without leaving the line of the design of the page, I try to do Any doubt as to manage that component can refer back to it? thank you very much Yenny
  10. Hello! thanks for answering my query. Look what I meant is that what I do works is to open a link to another page . That is, to give you an example , you create a real article ? Well, then this article want to post it on any section of your website right? ok so it appears in the section you want or on the link you want , you must first create a menu item that displays the article , then you enable this menu and you assumed that the item that would show that item , clicking on must take the article itself I mean? and that's what does not happen on my page . I can not create a link such as a " read more " links or redirects xq (not sure which is the correct name ) I do not work . You click on the link and returns me to the homepage. This is the first time that happens to me, provided that any joomla menu item either redirects you to an article or blog or any other section , when the link , button or link is created is created and you click on will always leads to target content and this template does not happen to me . It is because the frontend is just one page? I leave my domain to be seen , and I attached an image to place the link example I created URL: I hope you can help me. :mellow: thanks! Yenny Casserini
  11. Hi Trong, I just respond via mail to the address you gave me I welcome your news thank you very much Yenny
  12. That such, again. I just ran into the following problem. While I download this template because I really liked that the most important information I wanted to be all on one page, I need to redirect some links to some articles that are just referred to these links, but I just returned back to home. I have reviewed the redirection plugins who are duly authorized and are ok! but I'm still unable to leave the home, everything I do, even a new menu I redirects me to home You know it does not work because the redirection links? and as I can do to fix it? My domain is before footer will be able to see that there is a link there to an article should bring you back to set up but home. a user believes they need to check? I look forward to your reply, thank you very much Yenny Casserini
  13. Hello such , I encounter the following problem. I downloaded the One -page template which comes with the contact form Quick Contact BT and I find the following obstacles The first is that I can not get it to reach the messages left on the form, and for guiding me post in this forum , I've disabled the Email Cloaking Plugin , but they still get the messages. What I can do? I would also like to add another field that is to put the phone but it is dropped in the template design , what would be the correct way to set the new field to display well in template? ( Imag -1) - Also I will not be sure that one of the fields in the module configuration shown in the image (img -3) And finally , as I do for completing the form fields on web look a little more obscure characters ? since they are in a very clear tone and not well read as they are completed. If you want to see the form on my website domain I hope I was clear with my query , I hope your answer thank you very much Yenny Casserini
  14. I need : Please!!!!
  15. hello I'm from Argentina and I would like to change the template language, language packs are here so I can change? Please answer me appreciate Greetings!