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  1. Hello, I have little problem with BT Social Sharing Plugin - Facebook shared When I try shared on facebook, still have autor BOWTHEME. Where I can change it on disable? I use BT aries II template.
  2. Hello, I have little problem, in Global Configuration -> Articles: Options -> I dissable Show Author and Show Category. I disslable it too in article, but still have it on site.
  3. Hello, How to add new position "debug" Yea, I know only that I must edit templateDetails.xml and wrote <position>debug</position>. But its only first part. This I dont know where I must add this: <jdoc:include type="modules" name="debug" /> Will be it work? Or is here another procedure?
  4. ok, here it is: you say in 1st post:
  5. please update first post on BT travel ver 3.2
  6. AC admin sent. I fix it, but work it only in home site, but others sublink dont work. after fix it: work now - http://ustidetem.cz still not work - http://ustidetem.cz/index.php/katalog-usti-detem/detska-hriste/88-detske-hriste-severni-terasa
  7. Hi, I do not know how to solve the problem with the font. My language is Czech. 1) Some characters are distorted in titles in articles and module names. In text is font fine. (images "bug and Bug2.jpg) 2) Read more in module - I rename "Read more" to "Číst dále" in file "en-GB.mod_bt_contentslider.ini" but same problem. (image read more.jpg) Czech language isnt supported on fonts?
  8. Yes, you understud well.
  9. Hello, i have queustion how to add marker map on article? I created the 50 markings in the map. Now I would need to add individual marking to the article (1 marker to 1 article) and centered on the coordinate marking. Its Possible? Is there a simple way to create over 50 modules to 50 articles? Example Have one city on main coordinate in module. I added 50 marking in city. Now I need add 1 marking to 1 article. Thank you for your replay and help.
  10. Hello, I have same problem, I install BT arise II quickstart package with slideshow 1.0.0. After added new images, save and edit images add content and save, all images disappeared. I update Slideshow on ver 1.0.2. But now I cant add anyone image. Nothing will happen. When I click on the "delete all" I will immediately kicked into the menu modules. Where is problem? Thank you for your fast replay.
  11. Hello, I reinstall my BT travel template from old version to new ver 3.2. If I try in administrator update T3 plugin, I cant. Why? Name Install Type Type Version Folder Client URL Details T3 System Plugin Update Plugin 2.3.1 system Site http://update.joomlart.com/service/tracking/j16/plg_system_t3.xml After try update: Error Invalid extension update ???? Where is mistake? If I try download from I cant too. Sorry, you don't have permission for that! WTF? If you are doing new version of template, why you cant too update T3 to installation package quickstart?
  12. Hello, I have question, how to install new theme colors. I dont want to overwrite the files already preset colors, they can throw in time. I extract files from: bt_travel\images\themes\cyan All files I change color to my choice. But how can I make an installation package for this collor to my template? Can you write me the procedure? I use joomla 3.3.3 Thank you for help.
  13. Ok, I change code: #member-registration .btl-input,#member-profile .btl-input { position: relative; line-height: 33px; margin-left:15px !important; padding:7px 5px; min-width:260px; } to #member-registration .btl-input,#member-profile .btl-input { line-height: 33px; margin-left: 15px !important; min-width: 260px; padding: 7px 5px; position: relative; height: auto; } and now work it. Thank you. Now I need to solve the problem 1 ) In Administration cant now change ordering in user fields
  14. Account fixed. Try again please.