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  1. Thanks Kien. I have found this very helpful. Regards,
  2. Please I have a serious need to place a graphic or banner in the top.header area of my template and could not find the index.php file to edit after the templateDetails.xml. I know this might be and old topic but can someone help out or direct me to an existing post that clearly instructs on how to do this. I am generally interested in how to effectively create new positions and manage all existing ones. Thanks -Tunde
  3. Hi guys! I have to apologise to some of you who have posted on this topic earlier than now. I would have gladly helped out but I have not been cheking the particular mailbox to which the post alerts are forwarded. I will now just proceed to what solution I got from the support team (or was it from the forum? Don't really remember now). See the text below - "Hi, I'm working with xampp 1.7.1 and 1.8.1, please try again with 1 of 2 version of xampp, if it still does not change, is possible If you upload your quickstart package to and send me this link, I want to check this package again. Regards." What I got from this response was there was an issue with my version of xampp and installing the quickstart package, so I took the suggestion here and installed xampp 1.7.1 instead of the version I had and all the problems with freezing installation went away! I hope this is of good use to you all if you happen to be using xampp as your local web server. Regards, Tunde
  4. Please I need help urgently with the installation of the quickstart package for this template. It gets to the point where it creates 54 tables in MySQL database that I created (I can see this from the backend) but then the installation freezes, just keeps showing the processing animation and nothing more. I can not proceed as the next button is not active. I am stuck and I need thesample data to configure a demo using this template tomorrow. help! Note: I am working on my local web server (xampp) as this is only a demo. Babatunde