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  1. Perfect, it works correctly. Thanks Alex
  2. You could check on Ipad? Thanks Alex
  3. I use only image file. File is jpg . at this time I have uploaded two images in low resolution Thanks Alex
  4. I noticed that on the ipad still does not work correctly even with the changes, while working on android tablet. Thanks Alex
  5. Perfect thanks for your patience . Alex
  6. I tried to do as you said but it doesn't seem to work Attached "default.php" original file ( not modified) , so that you can try and see if you can make it work. Thanks bye Alex default.php
  7. I have disabled the compression js files in the template . I hope you can help me now. thanks Alex
  8. someone I can 'help? The slideshow is not working , even if the setting of auto play is "YES" I have reinstalled the extension ver. 2.4.4. but it is not working correctly Can you please help me? thanks Alex
  9. Ok the first problem is resolved, but the slideshow is not working , even if the setting of auto play is "YES" thanks Alex
  10. Hello, I have the Bt Background version 2.4.4 but it is not working correctly. In the first picture it takes up only half the screen and shifts back and forth and it doesn't change the fotos in sequence. The site is Can you please help me? thank you.
  11. I have upgrading BT portfolio extension to version 3.05 but the configuration button no longer appears. What could be wrong? attach image you can help? Thanks Alex
  12. I have sent email with account information thanks Alex
  13. I installed Bt Portfolio component and until a few days ago it worked properly. A few days ago it started not working . I upgraded BT Portfolio components to the latest version 2.2.1. but nothing has changed there is only a blank page. I checked the error log and the error that appears is: PHP Fatal error: Class 'JPagination' not found in / home/alessa16/public_html/components/com_bt_portfolio/views/portfolio/view.html.php on line 71 Can you help me understand what happened? the site is : the malfunction can be seen at the link my email is thanks
  14. Bt backgroung work well with desktop,Android Tablet and Ipad but doesn' t resize image when it's on Iphone and Smartphone working in vertical mode . web : email Thanks four your help. Alex.