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  1. Whenever a page is created using this template, a title block is also added to the content area. There are times when I don't want that on the page, and just want a blank content area. Is there any way to suppress this title block from being created? If not, can I edit it, or at least have control over what Position it uses on the page, so I can put my content above and below it?
  2. I still seem to have the original Featured Blog on my Home Page and I can't find it to get rid of it! As you can see from the attached, I do not have any related Modules enabled. I obviously found it at some stage in order to edit the title, but I just can't find it now. Can you please help?
  3. I'm trying to suppress, edit or change the position of the title block that seems to get created automatically on every page (see attached for examples). Can you please advise?
  4. My apologies, but I've somehow disabled/deleted the "Connect with Us" component from the footer of my BT-Real-Estate website. Could you please remind me what module it is and how to get it back/ re-install it. Thanks.