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  1. I did. Using Firefox. Seem to be OK on IE but no go FF.
  2. Just looked from another computer and it is there now. What could be the reason? Thanks heaps. Chris.
  3. I did sorry, It is up now. Chris.
  4. Hi, I can not get the facebook stream to appear on the site I am manager for. The problem seems to be with any Facebook module. The site is and the facebook page is It was working fine until a while ago then it just stopped and I cant get it working again. I have read all the posts here to no avail. Could someone please help. I am tearing my hair out. Thank you.
  5. I am having the same problem. One day it stopped working. I have updated module and checked url. No luck. Seems to work fine on my local test website on my PC. PLease help.
  6. Thanks so much for the tip but not sure what you mean about set menu type to single contact? There is no setting in the module?? I am using this as a general location for a business.
  7. Bump :-)
  8. Hi Tam, As far as I know I have the latest version. bt_arise_template_j!2.5_v1.1 Chris.
  9. Hi all, Having a problem getting the BT Google Map module to work. I have it installed but I dont have the "googlemap" position available to be in the BT Arise template. Any ideas? Thanks.