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  1. Is not anyone who can help me? Up please!!!
  2. Hi, today I have the same problem again on the version of BTLogin 2.6.4, I tried to follow your advice again to change from single to double quote (' > ") but this time it did not work... This is the link New tips??? As always thank you in advance for the support;)
  3. By applying the corrections above the problem seems to solved and now everything seems to be working correctly :) . Thank you so much for the support ;) .
  4. Hello everyone, as the title bt login does not work anymore. The module is displayed but does not respond to any action. This happens after the upgrade to Joomla 3.4 with the latest version of bt_login 2.6.2. I tried to find a solution but no luck. I urgently need help because I prefer to use only bt_login for access to the site. link Many thanks in advance for support.