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  1. Hi Team, ADDITIONS to the previous post. As said, I installed the BT Media Gallery Component for Joomla 2.5 and 3.x iand tried to work with it. I have been able to create categories, then to upload images. Then I decided to try to use them in the website... I downloaded the individual modules and PlugIn (BT Media Category module, BT Media Gallery module, BT Media Gallery Plugin...etc). they all installed properly excepted the BT Media Finder Plugin: I just had a blank screen. But then... Afterwards... Everything was crashing: - Fatal error: Call to undefined method Bt_mediaHelper::addSiteScript() in /homez.764/franckph/www/plugins/content/bt_media_display/bt_media_display.php on line 28 - Fatal error: Call to undefined method JAdministrator::getParams() in /homez.764/franckph/www/components/com_bt_media/helpers/bt_media.php on line 131 The whole Joomla Backend was completely crashing! Gone! White screen! :angry: :( :( :( :o I had to: - change the name of all the folders of the BT Media Galery via the FTP (!!! impossible to do otherwise, I was stuck!) - then I have been able to login and to go to the 'Extensions / Installation' menu in Joomla - there, I unpublished all the stuff from BT Media Gallery - then, I put the right names back on the folders via the FTP - back in the Joomla backend, I checked all the stuff from BT Media Gallery - and then click on 'Uninstall'.... It took a while, but everything seems gone. I'll have to check the database to be sure. But Joomla backend is back on track. Pffiouu.... So, Team, I would really LOVE to use that BT Media Gallery as it apparently an get awsome results on front-end... But till the moment you have understood what happened to me, I'm not gonna try it again... Let me know if I can help... Hoping you'll find out what happened, and that you'll be able to fix it soon ! :rolleyes: Thxs D
  2. Hi Team ! First and foremost: the more I use & discover your stuff, the more I am impressed! :) You guys seem to get better and better, especially in Extensions! Really saving time and energy on our hand. :wub: This said, I am sorry but I get an issue :( : when I try to instal Media Gallery ALL IN ONE on my Joomla 3.1.5, it first install a strange package that comes at the end of the component list: 'bt_media_galler' or something like that. With the underscore. It kinda looks broken!! And indeed, it is: if I try to click that link or the sublevels links, I have the following message: 'Fatal error: Call to undefined method Bt_mediaHelper::getScripts() in /homez.764/franckph/www/plugins/content/bt_media_display/bt_media_display.php on line 43' If I try to reinstall the same package, then I have a cleaner entry in the component list 'BT Media Gallery'. So that is better. But the PHP error is still here.... I tried to: - disable js script and CSS compression - change my .htaccess - disable GZip compression - disable Admin Tool - disable Akeeba Backup (can trigger issue during instal due to restore points) - uninstall several times - re-install several times (I really want to use this promising component !!) But nothing worked. Still the same error: 'Fatal error: Call to undefined method Bt_mediaHelper::getScripts() in /homez.764/franckph/www/plugins/content/bt_media_display/bt_media_display.php on line 43 For your immediate info, that line 43 is: $script = Bt_mediaHelper::getScripts($params, 'plg'); The only thing that works is to uninstall everything related to BT Media Gallery ALL IN ONE, then install the other package available: BT Media Gallery Component for Joomla 2.5 and 3.x (com_bt_media_v1.1_j2.5& ...but this package looks a lot less complete than the other 'ALL IN ONE' (quite some things are missing) I don't know if I can just grab the separated versions of separated elements like 'BT Media Gallery Module' or the 'search Plugin' available there (but only at v 1.0 and not 1.1)... What should I do / try? Is the small version enough? :huh: Can I grab the element separately? Why the 'big' version doesn't want to install? Let me know if you need more info, Looking forward for your help / info on this Keep up the goood work anyway & Many thanks D
  3. Hey... --> Well... Embarassing: disregard my point n°3 I did a lot of trials, activating / deactivating AMM and also the plugin JQuery Easy, and all of a sudden BT Background shows up properly... I must have made 'something', even if I think it is just the order of activations that did the trick as I didn't really do something different today. Anyway, apparently not directly related to BT Background. --> However, my point n°2 is still valid: I still cannot select anything in 'Background Overlay Pattern' (see screenshot 1). Are you gonna be able to fix this too soon? --> And one additional question: is there something missing on the 'Ajax' line? There's an Ajax entry in the 'Advance Function' but nothing can be tweaked... (see screenshot 2). Thanks in advance to fix also point n°2 And many thanks for reactivity! Regards, D
  4. Hi Hung, All, Soooo... 1) With the patch, it is already much better on the Module Assignement Permission part: with the patch installed, you can now select elements (there's still a little visual glitch, but that's not a big deal). 2) However, it looks like the 'Background overlay pattern' part is still missing at 90%: only the beginning is visible, but nothing can be selected. 3) I also just discovered that the BT Background Slideshow just doesn'' show up if Advance Module Manager plugin is published. Yesterday, after my purchase, I thought that I was messing up something with the 'wrapper' setting and that it was the reason for not having the photos displayed in the background. I only focused back then on the Module Assignement permissions... But actually, the conflicts were not only on the Module Assignement permission: if the AMM plugin is published, the BT Background pictures just stop to be displayed... And that never happened before with AMM and other background slideshow (like Backstrech from Infways, Background Pro from Pixel Praise, SlideshowCK from JoomlaCK...). I therefore really think it is something coming from BT... I really hope you'll be able to solve that quickly too, as BT Slideshow is my favorite regarding flexibility of use, and options offered (yes, I tried all the others before)... If I can help to make this one working all fine, please let me know, I'll be really happy to help. Many thanks fro the steps made already, Looking forward for complete fix! Kind regards, D
  5. Hi Hung, Really??? THAT would be reallly really good news!! And very good Support. :) I'm gonna try the immediately on BT Background Slideshow. Will let you know if it does the trick, waiting for the 'official' update. Many thanks already. D.
  6. Hi all, I just purchased the J! Extensions membership and... what a disappointment!! I am a heavy user of Advance Module Manager, and the way the BT modules's backends are setup create heavy conflict with AMM! I love the way you guys code your Extensions (really), and also the fact that you want them to be more user friendly for us in the backend, but... we have to be able to use Advance Module Manager. It is extremely popular because it is very very usefull, and it is getting even more fans lately, as this allow major tweaks in Joomla... If I had to choose, sorry guys, but I just need AMM too much! But I'm sure there's something you can do to make your extensions compatible with it. For what I know, the code they use is fully compliant with Joomla instructions... I'll try to get more solid info on this, but please, have a look at this and try to solve it asap! May be it is quick fix in the end... And anyway, it is really a worthwhile for you I think: the guys using AMM are really guys who purchase Extensions... Many thanks in advance for your solutions on your (great) Extensions, Looking forward to hear from you, D