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  1. Hi, The metro theme is looking really weird and all the modules are switching to all places on a samsung 8.9 tab. I have added some screenshots. How can we solve this and is it true that the template isn't working on all screens/devices? Kind regards, Joren
  2. Hi, When a K2 item has no picture then the module in the sidebar gets moved down under. If there is an image it places it nicely in the right sidebar. How do I get the sidebar module to keep staying right? I do not have a picture for all items. See here: Thank you.
  3. Hi I want to change the colour of some tiles. These are tiles that are generated from a div class. One tile is loading something like this: media="screen" .custom_feasocial .box.googlemap { background-color: #e0522f; } I can't find this in the CSS files however. Where can I find these and how can I add classes or change them? I have added the tiles as a screenshot..
  4. the links of the pages link to: #home1 #home2 #home3 #home4 etc. Is it possible to change this (#jobs) and where does this link to so I change that...
  5. Hi, I just bought the template it is great. I was wondering. There are five pagenav items (home, feature, portfolio, blogs, contact us). Each pavenav item has a few module positions. 1. Is it possible to add or reduce the module positions per pavenav item? 2. Is it possible to add a pagave item along with let's say 3 new module positions? Thank you very much.