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  1. I believe that this has something to do with correct CSS files not being loaded. Is there a setting that I can change. I switched to the default theme and the menu works correctly.
  2. Hi, I have an issue with my website: where the mega menu is not displaying on all pages except the home page. I had two bt slideshow modules enabled. One for the home page and one for all other pages. I disabled the bt slideshow module on all other pages and the menu reappeared but now it is no longer working. Is there a jquery conflict with this. Also the website is experiencing difficulties in loading fully. Declan
  3. Hi, How do I remove JOOMSOCIAL from the Jomsocial Homepage login and replace it with my own text? <div class="signup-jomsocial"> <h2 class="title-signup-jomsocial"> <span> JOOMSOCIAL</span> </h2> </div> Regards, Declan