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  1. Hi there, I have set this up on one of my sites that uses the default Joomla "Profile" fields which are extra to the name, username, password and email fields - you can make them required to be filled out in the standard (default) Joomla registration form, but I notice that your registration uses it's own code for the registration form. I have managed to get the extra "Profile" fields into that form, but I can submit the form without filling them in. How do I "force" them to be required fields by BT Login registration form?? The extra "profile" fields are: Address 1 Address 2 (Optional) City Region Country Postal / ZIP Code Phone Also, for the life of me, I do not, can not, find the option to turn on the reCaptcha field in the admin options for the BT Login module - I've attached a screenshot of options page.
  2. I dont even have the reCaptcha option in BT Login Module - 2.5.6 on Joomla 2.5.14...
  3. how do I fix the issue with the drop down affecting my side menu expanding menu?
  4. great idea, but not working with my slider menu in my template created in Artisteer. Also, my issues with JFusion, since I use phpBB3 as my master and joomla as my slave for my user login and registration resulted in my not being able to make use of this... too bad, because I really like this extension. Don't know if it's worth while for you to look into better integration with jfusion, as it is a very popular bridge for joomla and phpBB and other forums as well as making it not affect functionality of other drop down menus
  5. login is handled through the jFusion Login Module - I see it in my BT-Login module options, but it still uses the Joomla Login settings
  6. Hello, I am running a Joomla site with phpBB integrated through JFusion integration software that handles dual login. Because I like the registration process and flexibility of the phpBB registration, I have set it as my main registration instead of the default Joomla one. The JFusion login module works seamlessly for logging into both Joomla and phpBB3, but BT-Login will not let me use the Registration beacuse I am not using the Joomla registration. Any way around this?