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  1. hi there, how can i delete my account here?? thanks
  2. i did.. can u please check your email?
  3. Didnt work for me?? any suggestion pls??
  4. Hi there, all i need is a simple, clean contact form.. i dont want any color nothing..white background and the form.. thats all..is there any easy way to do that with mod suffix? or do i have to change the code? if i have to change the code, which page pls?? thanks
  5. all good.. working fine.. sorry for taking your time.. thanks
  6. well i m using localhost and no upload limit setup..when i tried to install it from a directory this is the error i get.. I m using bt_travel_template_j!25_v1.1.zip that came with the download and 2924 KB which is big for a template file.. can u just provide the template zip file with no other files.. thanks alot.. PS: quickstart works perfect but i wanna setup a brand new website and upload all the modules one by by.. dont want any unneccessary files or modules.. thanks alot JInstaller: :Install: Cannot find XML setup file Path does not have a valid package.
  7. Hi there, thats a great template and working fine if you use quick start only.. quick start setup and learned all the modules etc.. working fine on my local host.. but when i tried to upload the template to new joomla web site it gives an error..cant upload the template.. JAT 3 framework upload and plugin turned on .. still gives an error.. any idea why?? i m using EasyPhp localserver that runs smoothly with no problem.