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  1. Hi tronghm, Thank you so much. The problem has been solved. Thanks again for your awesome support! :D
  2. Hello. I still can't resolved the issue. I've sent the details to the email you mentioned. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!
  3. Hello It still doesn't solve the problem. I've even deleted all the product images from the bt_productslider/images folder but it still take the thumbnail randomly. I'm using joomla 2.5.7 and virtuemart 2.0.16. Do you have any other solution? Right now I've put the prefix "1." to all of the 1st image of my products. Maybe you can tweak the code to choose based on that?
  4. Hello tronghm. I've purchased your BT e-commerce template. Right now everything's great. The only thing that I need right now is to know how to make the bt product slider to display the 1st image from my several product images. I really need this asap so that I can put my website online. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.
  5. Ok. Looking forward for the solution.
  6. Hello, I have several images for each of my products. How can I make it just display the 1st image as my product thumbnail instead of randomly take it from my series of images?